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Cimelium is a personal books library management tool.




# Cimelium 1.2.1515.1
* Release date: 2017-04-16
* [NEW] Search for a book by title
* [NEW] Search for a book by ISBN
* [NEW] Checking for new version of application
* [NEW] Adding multiple books at once by ISBN or Goodreads url
* [NEW] Translate changelog to English
* [NEW] Allow to load ISBNs to fetch from file
* [NEW] Enable install log
* [NEW] Store installation date in registry
* [NEW] Display installation path on info page for updates
* [NEW] Fetching details from BookDepository
* [NEW] Fetching details from Polish National Library

# Cimelium
* Release date: 2016-11-28
* [NEW] Goodreads: Searching onling by ISBN number
* [NEW] Goodreads: Adding new book by ISBN number
* [NEW] Checking if book already exists while adding
* [NEW] Downloading cover from URL
* [NEW] Goodreads: Fetching book details
* [NEW] Logging errors to log file
* [FIX] Error after clean install - missing fbembed.dll file
* [NEW] Possibility to select file from disk
* [FIX] Crash after application install
* [NEW] Possibility to override path for covers and database (in app.config)
* [NEW] Possibility to scroll book's description
* [NEW] Possibility to add custom replacements on data returned from network plugin
* [FIX] Installer improvements
* [NEW] Icon of the applicaton in Add/Remove programs

# Cimelium
* Release date: 2016-11-04
* [NEW] Migrating to stand-alone database
* [NEW] Manually adding new book
* [NEW] Displaying list of books
* [NEW] Application installer
* [NEW] About Cimelium info